How to find the local maximum and minimum of a function

Are you trying to learn How to find the local maximum and minimum of a function? If so, you have come to the right place.

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Local Maximum and Minimum

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Calculus 1 : Local Minimum

For local maximum and/or local minimum, we should choose neighbor points of critical points, for x 1 = − 1, we choose two points, − 2 and − 0, and after we insert into first equation: f ( − 2) = 4 f

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Local minima and maxima (First Derivative Test)

How Do You Find the Local Minimum and Maximum? The local minimum and maximum can be found by differentiating the function and finding the turning points at which the slope is zero.

Maximum & Minimum Examples

Therefore, to find the location of the local maxima and local minima you have to solve the equation f' (x) = 0. Therefore you have to first find the derivative of the function. If you

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Finding Maxima and Minima using Derivatives

This calculus video tutorial explains how to find the local maximum and minimum values of a function. In order to determine the relative extrema, you need to find the first
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5.1 Maxima and Minima

If a function is defined and continuous within the interval [a, b], there are points c and d that are present within the interval [a, b]. For these values, the function f gets maximum and minimum

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