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Steps to solving linear equations

Apps can be a great way to help learners with their math. Let's try the best Steps to solving linear equations.

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How to Solve a Simple Linear Equation: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

To solve a linear equation with fraction, follow these steps: Step 1: Make any complex fraction into a simple fraction Step 2: Find the LCM of all

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Solving Linear Equations

Solving A Linear Equation: Five Steps To Success Step 1: Perform any distribution; look for ( ). Step 2: Combine like terms on each side of = sign. Step 3: Add or subtract variable terms to

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Solving Linear Equations Easily

Consider the following system of linear equations: x + y = 180 3 x + 2 y = 414 1. First, write the equations next to each other so that you can easily compare the coefficients with each variable. 2. Next, multiply the first equation