Determine if a graph represents y as a function of x.

We are going to write an equation with 2 variables x and y in function notation. Where a dependent variable is written as a function of the Independent varia

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Determine whether the equation defines y as a function of x.

Learn how to determine if an equation defines y as a function of x.

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Evaluating and Solving Functions

y = 2 ( 0) + 3 = 3. At x = 3: y = 2 ( 3) + 3 = 9. Secondly, to have sufficient reasons, observe that in the above equation, the multiplication of any x value with 2 yields a single value.

Evaluating Functions

So x equals 4 could get us to y is equal to 1. 4 minus 3 is 1. Take the positive square root, it could be 1. Or you could have x equals 4, and y is equal to negative 1. So you can't have this situation. If you were
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