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There are probably hundreds of different types of questions it can do, from end behavior to multiplying to factoring or finding excluded values. This app was easy to use! It allowed me to have the help I needed even when my math problem was on a computer screen it would still allow me to snap a picture of it and everytime I got the correct awnser and a explanation on how to get the answer! All around this is a 10/10 and I would 100% recommend.


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I suggest you should download it to help you with your math problems, lol. It does even more that it does, ss the name suggest, "This app. Bruh this app deserves 5 stars its saved me and taught me so much thank u so much app luv ya, i wish that it would have a section to explain things like, simplifying, fractions, dividing, ect.

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Solve Differential Equations Using Laplace Transform

The equations i get once i do the laplace transform are: s2Y1(s) − 12s − 2 = 16Y2(s) s2Y2(s) − 4s − 6 = 16Y1(s) Then I put Y2(s) in terms of Y1(s) This gave me Y2(s) = 4s3
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Differential Equations

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Laplace Transform Applied to Differential Equations and

Solve the equations for I1_LT and Q_LT. Compute I 1 and Q by computing the inverse Laplace transform of I1_LT and Q_LT. Simplify the result. Suppress the output because it is long. I1sol =

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Laplace transform applied to differential equations

While Laplace transforms are particularly useful for nonhomogeneous differential equations which have Heaviside functions in the forcing function we’ll start off with a couple of

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IVP using Laplace ODE Calculator

If you read the help for laplace, it is NOT an ODE solver. It computes the laplace transform, that is all. And while you can use laplace transforms to solve an ODE, you stopped

16 Laplace transform. Solving linear ODE

Y ( 1 + s 2) = 6 s 2 + 4 + 1 + 6 s. Now divide by ( 1 + s 2) Y = 6 s ( 1 + s 2) + 1 ( 1 + s 2) + 6 ( s 2 + 4) ( 1 + s 2) You will need to use the inverse Laplace operation to find the solution to the ODE, but you can’t find the inverse Laplace of a fraction

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