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How to find the equation of an exponential graph

The best way to graph exponential functions is to find a few points on the graph and to sketch the graph based on these points. To find a point on the graph, select an input value and calculate

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How to Find an Exponential Equation With Two Points

Find the exponential equation whose graph passes through the points (-2, 5 9 5 9) and (2,45) y = 5 ⋅(3)x 5 ⋅ ( 3) x Q & A Do two points always determine a unique exponential function? Yes

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Writing Exponential Functions from a Graph

Remember, there are three basic steps to find the formula of an exponential function with two points: 1. Plug in the first point into the formula y = abx to get your first equation. 2. Plug in the second point into the formula y = abx to get your second equation. 3. Solve the system of
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Finding the Equation of an Exponential Function From Its

Find the exponential function of the form y = bx − c whose graph is shown below. Solution to Example 2 Reading the graph, we note that for x = 2 , y = 1 and for x = 3 , y = 2 . Substitute x and y by their values in the equation y = bx − c to obtain

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