Line of reflection equation

If you have two lines in equation form $a_1 x+b_1 y + c_1=0$ and $a_2 x+b_2 y + c_2=0$ then the mirror line (bisection) is simply defined by $$ (a_1+a_2) x + (b_1+b_2) y +

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Finding the Equation of a Line of Reflection

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Find the equation of the line of reflection

Reflection over y-axis: This is a reflection or flip over the y-axis where the y-axis is the line of reflection used. The formula for this is: {eq}(x,y) \rightarrow (-x,y) {/eq}.

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How to find the equation of a line of reflection

Diagram 1. The length of each segment of the preimage is equal to its corresponding side in the image . m A B ¯ = 3 m A ′ B ′ ¯ = 3 m B C ¯ = 4 m B ′ C ′ ¯ = 4 m C A ¯ = 5 m C ′ A ′ ¯ = 5. Though a reflection does preserve distance and


Now compute the midpoint of line segment LL': Check that these coordinates work when you plug them into the equation of the reflecting line, y = 2 x – 4. Because 10 = 2 (7) – 4

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