How to find the max and min of a polynomial function

Let a, b ∈ R and b ⩾ 0. Given that x 4 + a x 2 + b = 0 has 2 real solutions, find maximum for | a − b | and minimum for a + 2 b. My solution : x 4 + a x 2 + b = 0 ( x 2 − c) ( x 2 −

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How to Find a Maximum Value for a Polynomial

Now you can Identify the extrema which one is minima and which one is maxima .Then you may use this function to plot Minima marked as 'o' and Maxima marked as '*'. fplot

How do you find the absolute maximum and minimum of the

Summary. A minimum or a maximum is called an extreme point. A local extreme point is the smallest or largest value in its neighborhood. If it is also the smallest or largest at the entire domain of the function, it is called a global


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To find the answer to the math question, you will need to determine which operation to use. Once you have determined the operation, you will be able to solve the problem and find the answer.

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Finding Minimum and Maximum Polynomials 1

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