How to simplify a negative exponent

Simplifying Expressions with Negative Exponents Basic Simplifying Complex Examples Purplemath Recall that negative exponents indicates that we need to move the base to the

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How Do You Simplify An Expression With Negative Exponents?

To simplify negative exponents just Home Algebra Exponents Subtract Exp Subtract Exponents of like bases Formula and examples of how to subtract exponents Table of contents top Exp

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Negative Exponents

To convert a negative exponent, create a fraction with the number 1 as the numerator (top number) and the base number as the denominator (bottom number). Raise the

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Negative exponents (video)

Formula for Negative Exponents The general formula for rewriting negative exponents as a positive exponent is : x − a = 1 x a Examples of rewriting negative examples as positive 1) 5 − 2
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